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Resurrected Life has collected hundreds of testimonials from people that have attended the classes. Here are a few examples: We even have printed a whole book with RLM testimonials.

Resurrected Life Ministries never seizes to surprise me, even after 3 years serving as an assistant and 9 years as a teacher. Each RLM class with the wonderful people who are choosing to participate and go through the class end up on the celebration party and give their awesome testimonials of what God has done in their lives. So special and precious to the Lord!

Resurrected Life Ministries is the most effective inner healing ministry with the profoundest and long lasting transformational effect on its participants that I am aware of. I can whole heartedly recommend it to anyone, who would like to go deeper with God or have some things of the past healed and resolved for good.

Wolfgang, RLM teacher since 2002

The 1A class had a tremendous impact on me, which changed my attitudes and relationships. I describe it as cataclysmic. After ministry I began to have compassion on people whom I previously found irritating. I felt more at ease in gatherings and meetings. I do not fear rejection or failure as I used to and my blood pressure has come down from 135 to 119. I was amazed”. David

God released a blockage in me that I didn’t even realize was there. Now I feel joy again.” Mary

I didn’t feel that I belonged in my household and spent a lot of my life rebelling and going down lots of wrong roads. I battled addictions for many years. Then I met the Lord and within 3 months He healed a lot of this. But I still had a sense that something was holding me back, a shame and feeling I had disappointed God. Seeing people have ministry and the wide spectrum of things people go through helped me to realize that it’s time to move on. I have a sense of freedom now. When I look at myself I see that I am a child of God and I have been through these things for a reason. I choose to see the glory in it. It’s just been easy to meet people and share my story with them.” Marianne

1B helped me to hand my worries to the Lord and trust that He will create a solution; knowing that He will not let me and my two sons down. I have been incapacitated for quite some time and prior to RLM got down, not seeing my way out. Since RLM I feel positive and upbeat almost all the time. I value the camaraderie of the group. They make me feel special. You have all given me back purpose and hope and I now feel excited about the future, something I never thought I could feel again”. Fiona

Molly makes me think out of the box, to really think about what I am saying. It’s good for me. I’ve been helped to let go of a lot of my worries. I’m on a learning curve. I’m getting better at giving it to the Lord and trusting Him. We also had some great laughs in the class.” Susan

It’s wonderful to know that the Lord is so near us and loves us so much. Molly is able to bring such richness to people through RLM. The big thing is in ministry times it actually happens there among us and by us, and it’s so special.” Angela

I am adopted. I was an alcoholic by the time I was 18. No self-esteem, didn’t think I was worth anything. That’s just the way I grew up. The last 18 months have been the worst of my life, but thanks to RLM they were not the worst. I’m not the person everyone in the world thinks I was. I have a heavenly Father who actually likes me and maybe I am not as screwed up as I thought I was.” Fred

Without Jesus you just live in a puddle of your own inadequacies” That was me two years ago even though I was a Christian. Since I started RLM, bit by bit, God has peeled the onion and changed me. Two weeks ago God asked me “Do you really love me?” I said yes and I really meant it. “And do I love you?” I said yes and knew it wasreally true. Two days later Molly asked me to teach 2A and I know that He will give me what is needed.” Val

Molly called me ‘Mr. Fixit’. For 35 years I had to take control of issues and I was kind of a control freak. It started when my twin brother died and I looked after his family as well as my own. I’ve been in charge of 57 people at my job. It was good to be released from this in my ministry with Molly. I feel so much more released!” Mick

James (age 7) said to me today “Dad, pick me up”. He had helped me for two hours to set up and I was so full of love. I said to him “James, what do you think I think of you?” He said “I don’t know”. “What I am thinking about you is all good,” I said and so it is with God. Simple. He wants me to be open to Him like a sunflower.” Mike

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I was first introduced to Molly Sutherland's ministry by Pastor Che Ahn at a prophetic conference  in Pasadena, CA in January, 2006. After doing a background check on her through my friend Pastor Erik Tammaru, I decided to invite her to minister to my leaders. Since I had just started a new leadership team baseed on servant leadership. We were a bit apprehensiv, because we had not yet experienced her ministry and were a bit weary  of so called inner healing ministries were you always remain a victim of your past. What I appreciated with Molly's ministry was her individual treatment of each person and the way that she was able to interact with the Holy Spirit in bringing the individual to freedom. She had copious notes whch we have tried to translate into hungarian, but in the 2nd year we  translated mainly the power point presentations.  The impact on my leadership was gradual as they progressively experienced the validity of the ministry during the personal ministry times. We had some initial problems with vocabulary and concepts, which were from a different catholic background than the one commonly experienced among hungarians. However, those who had deep hurt or relational issues were greatly helped. This amelioration was confirmed by their spouses even after 2 years. So there has definitly been positive fruit because of this ministry. It would be incomplete if I did not mention that there has also been negative reaction to this teaching, especially when we reenacted the conception and abortion process. At least one family was offended regarding it as mind control practice. However, the majority of the people in church gave a positive reaction. We endeavored to break down the ministry in smaller bites so that  it would be digested more easily  by a wider congregation. The material is very Bible based although it is presented through Molly's perspective and life experience, giving it a very personalized texture. In working with the material we all tried to give our own peronalized interpretation of the matierial as we presented it to the church in order not t lose our authenticity. I think this strategy was quite successful. (We taught for over six months the material that she taught us in six days. ) We look forward to having her minister to us again.
DI Pastor Jon Anthoney Palmer
Senior Pastor,  Christian Family Church, Hungary
Alphaforesol Coordinator
Obmann,  Verein " Star Gospel Messe"
Grace and Peace, Love with Power
Gyor, Hungary +36 30 55 27 854
Stockerau, Austria +43 2266 61548
www. gospelstars.at
www. kcsgy.hu

The first thing that appealed to me during Molly's ministry was the fact that God's plan for our life is so perfect, that all we have to do is just trust in him and allow ourselves to be formed into his perfect will by accepting his word applying it to our cirumstances. I was also deeply impressed by Molly's personal ministry, which was „prophetic" (not in the classic sense) in that I heard the vioce of my heavenly father through her words and ministry. She was also sensitive no to touch my sensitive issues without gaining my prior permission. However, I think her ministry would have been much more effective in my case if I had the opportunity  to personally accompany her as a disciple before attempting to pass on this ministry.
Julia Szilagyi

Dear Julika,
These are some of my impressions:
1.      My wife participated in Molly's ministry on both occasions. It was like a mini bible school for her, because we had continuous teaching every evening. The ministry did not merely consist of sermons, but there was an immediate application.  Our common lunch was very special to us, especially when Molly kissed my wife's hand in acknowledgement of the fact that she is raising four foster children. This was a very significant affirmation for my wife.
2.      I specially enjoyed working through the material and preparing sermons for our church. This added a new dimension to my ministry.
Laszlo Bea

I was not able to personally participate in Molly's ministry because of my job. However, I was shocked when I experienced the powerful effect that our own sermons had on me and my fellow colleagues when we worked on the material to develop them.


Dear Pastor,
Although I was very impressed by Molly's teaching, I was greatly impacted by her personal ministry to me. The questions she asked me completely openend up relational wounds between my father and I. But eventually healed our battered relationship of over 25 years.

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